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  • Dr. Rattan Garg, DVM
    Dr. Rattan Garg DVM

    Dr. Garg is a very passionate and dedicated veterinarian. At an early age he volunteered at several animal shelters. It is this love for animals that led him into this noble profession. In 1983, he received his degree in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry. Following graduation, he worked with Nestle Ltd, Metrotown Animal Hospital, Canadian Food Inspection Agency. He joined Walnut Grove Animal Hospital in 2007. Dr. Garg brings with him a lot of experience in veterinary medicine, surgery and animal care. He is a member of Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and BC Veterinary Medical Association as well as is licensed by the American Veterinary Medical Association. He holds a particular interest in surgery, canine and feline medicine and is constantly attending veterinary seminars to keep himself updated with the latest. Dr. Garg is owned by two beautiful cats, Cinder and Emma, at the  hospital, and a young dog named Rocky, at home, who keep him occupied.  In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, running, camping and helping out in the community. Recently, he has also been enjoying taking cooking lessons from his wife who is a wonderful cook. Dr. Garg has a daughter, who is on her way to becoming an MD; and a son who is currently attending Simon Fraser University.

  • Brenda Burgess, Vet Assistant
    Brenda Burgess
    Vet Assistant

    Brenda has six indoor cats. Four of them are Abyssinians and two are Siamese crosses. Their names are Chewy, Ember, Lulu, Tintagel, Latte and Angelina. In addition to all of those cats Brenda has an African grey parrot named Digger. Brenda has worked at the clinic for twelve years.

  • David, Vet Assistant
    Vet Assistant

    David is a graduate from the Douglas College Veterinary Office Assistant & Animal Care program. He is our newest staff member and happy to assist you.

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